Dancing Every Monday in Columbus, Ohio

Dancing at 100 Hutchinson Ave

      The Winking Lizard

Where dancers come to dance and have fun!

7pm to 10:30pm

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Thank you to everyone who attended the Boogie Bash!!!  

A great time was had by all!!  

Here are some of the highlights!!


Yes, Dennis Kirk proposed to Lisa Hoang at the Boogie Bash!   Lisa said Yes! 
Join them tomorrow for a celebration of their engagement.  This is the last Monday Dennis and Lisa will be in Columbus, Ohio.  They are moving to Texas.  They are providing wings and salad for everyone!  So come on out tomorrow, August 15th at the Winking Lizard and wish them well!

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Boogie Bash 2016 pictures

Boogie Bash 2016

Pictures of the Boogie Bash 2016.

There are 768 pictures.

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Dancing on Monday nights night at

The Winking Lizard

Now on Monday Nights winking_logo


100 Hutchinson Ave, Columbus

Admission is $5 for Members - $8 for non-members!

If you have any questions, send me an email: Georgia





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